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Graffiti Art

From: council cleaner
Date: 26 Oct 2010
Time: 14:43:29 -0500


If graffiti art is supposed to be art, and councils up and down the country are labelled art hating idiots for wanting to remove it, why is it that graffiti artists themselves have no respect for the work of their fellow artists? Has anyone ever seen a piece of good graffiti that hasn't been wrecked by graffiti? Whenever a new BANKSY appears somewhere it's not the local council who rushes out to paint over it - it's another graffiti artist who defaces it first. Weird. Or maybe graffiti isn't art and is just vandalism. BANKSY always makes sure that he gets his ideas down on canvas and paper in his studio aswell as on the street because he knows full well that his art ain't gonna last long when there are other graffiti "artists" waiting to spoil his work as soon as it appears. But then he has always carefully documented his street art becuase he knows that it's meant to be ephemeral.