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Bojan Sarcevic at Stuart Shave/Modern Art

From: Feminazi
Date: 25 Oct 2010
Time: 05:04:20 -0500


I really don't understand why Bojan Sarcevic has used slim fashion models to 'cinematise the sculptural experience'. in the press release the fact that women are used in these photographs is mentioned, why they are used is not mentioned. Surely these people understand that as soon as naked women are used in this way the work immediately becomes political? Or has the last 30 years passed them by? What the artist intended these photographic works to do, or what the gallery thinks that the works do is in the end not what happens. Either the gallery has misunderstood the artist, or the artist has misunderstood what he has done, and lives on oblivious, in the tradition of so many obtuse artists before him. go see another exhibition objectifing women at www.modernart.net