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GAMeC Contemporary Art Museum Bergamo

From: coldfingers
Date: 18 Oct 2010
Time: 11:14:40 -0500


It is difficult to decide what the curators think is important about art when looking round this gallery, or why the gallery is there, or what purpose the gallery serves. The exhibition on display when I went round this gallery was called The Private Museum. This gives a clue to the third question, the gallery it seems this time is serving the art collectors of the city of Bergamo. The exhibition is a show of the work collected by the art buying Bergamoese. In the introduction to the show one of the generous collects writes this: Although contemporary art sceptics are quick to point out the economic factor, there are still other reasons for collecting, such as the fact that more and more people are realizing how much art is able to enrich their lives. Which is interesting really because the art work in the GAMeC is hung very badly, often wonky, not working and usually the second rate products of the usual suspects a tick by the name of all our great art stars (D.Hirst etc.). Secondly in this spacious gallery there were not any other visitors save my companion, and in each room we went into the invigilator had to rouse him/herself from sleep, books, daydreams, so I am not sure whose lives are being enriched by this poor display. If you wanted a clear example of how art is bought for its symbolic and financial status rather than the love of art here it is. http://www.gamec.it/Default.aspx