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Re: Questions about the art world

From: CAP
Date: 16 Oct 2010
Time: 18:52:07 -0500


You're right T-man, it's unfair to tar all London galleries with the same brush. I was thinking of White Cube, Sadie Cold and some West End (Cork St) dives. But I was also thinking internationally! - Even by New York standards, New York gallery staff are well up themselves in a greater majority of the cases. In Berlin, CFA is cool but most of the others - when they aren't NY affiliates are just disdainful of common courtesies. Okay, I - and most other foot traffic - plainly don't have the money Bucholz or whomever crave, but that's no reason to treat us as just a bad smell. Don't they know about karma gear, good vibrations, do unto others and what goes around comes around? Don't they know I'm going to come back and throw acid in their face when they're leaving, just to make a point?