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Bilge from the Guardians Response article 15 oct 2010

From: Mr Browse
Date: 16 Oct 2010
Time: 13:57:58 -0500


Since the C word has been couched in "Questions about the art world" by F.Emin Ist I wish to share my rather coarsely broached reactions to an article written in the Guardian Newspaper Friday 15 October 2010 page 41 -Response: these cuts are no blitzkrieg on the arts - funding has been wasted. (I inserted the colon), sub-title: Most of the money has been spent on works that leave most of the nation cold, says Heather Chalmers. At which point the reader would be possibly inclined to read no more reactionary right-wing blather or perhaps continue after reframing ones personal attitude towards an ironic mood requiring simplistic entertainment from this red-top style garbage. Imagine my shock to find that the bitchy nonsense springs from an "painter" (+cartoonist and illustrator). One of the repercussions that ricochet from the ballistics of the digital publishing machine gun; is that twats get as much air time as geniuses, the form is usually to be found in its natural habitat - in the example I would think most appropriate: The Daily Mail, so it puzzles me that the Guardian should think this piss weak sort of whinging to be worthy of their demented but semi-polemic standpoint. What bothers me is to give this sort of brainless opportunity to a growing chorus of nazi's who, along with the so-called Coalition Government keep repeating this mantra about the neccesity for cutting "waste". It is obvious from this diatribe that theres an element of professional envy in the tone of these particular ludicrous statements "The often empty turbine Hall is totally unsuited to displaying art".....well, if the feckin place is often empty how come you've seen so much wasteful art there? I could be equally as negative about the Tate and about some of the crap it displays but the money, from taxation I do not begrudge even an iota's worth compared to the daylight robbery inflicted by the non tax paying Murdoch moghuls, the inhuman war in Afghanistan, the royal family, their baker pals ad nauseum. What is so obvious is the heist by this government, their need to gain "ownership" over the institutions that have become democratized by job-creation and multi-storey beaurocracy....well? The alternative is getting very close to loosing the minimum wage, loosing the health and safety laws which might work really well if we had another industry that was even half as successful as the arts and a quarter as inclusive to all sectors of the general public. I think I'm with old "pepperpot" Serrotta on this one.