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Vanitas; The Transience of Earthly Delights presented by AVA

From: hedge art reviews
Date: 16 Oct 2010
Time: 06:11:59 -0500


Vanitas at AVA....... http://www.remotegoat.co.uk/event_view.php?uid=116031 There is now a new art tradition in London, stuff designed and produced for russian billionaires and hedge fund managers. High class, hand made, matchstick model, antique shop gothic expensive junk made to sell at high prices to the very rich to decorate their garish palaces. They like to show these trinkets in posh houses, guess cos that's where they will end up. It's often called art because it has some sick twist, an oversized rat gnawing a skull, made out out of rat shit, which looks really realistic. Think faberge egg. The dumb like it because a lot of "how did they do that" effort goes into this art's production and the effort must be worth paying for. Jake and Dinos chapman are the stars of the nouveau hedgey rich art movement. Good luck to the artist involved, hope they line their pockets before the suckers go bust.