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The frieze art fair 2010

From: art reviews
Date: 14 Oct 2010
Time: 06:56:17 -0500


Well. You can go see it for 25 this weekend. Because you aren't going to buy anything you must pay, if you were rich they would give you champagne and a libertys goody bag. It makes sense, you see....I saw nothing. The jumble sale of art turned everything invisible. There was a change of carpet in the bit where they put a section for hip up and coming stalls by young contemporary edgy galleries (zoo killer), without the change of surface you wouldnt notice. It's fun in a way, a sort of nihilism reducing art to clutter and stuff, and making the conceited ego driven artists the last ones in, the food at the bottom of the vip chain. A stunning blow by the rich, to get those with any metaphysical pretensions (artists) to dance like tortured monkeys for them. A confirmation of the consuming power of money.