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Re: 'Banned from Frieze Art Fair' -- and email

From: J Moseley for it is I
Date: 11 Oct 2010
Time: 17:38:01 -0500


No disputing it looks bad. I'd be interested to know why it happened too and, based on Slotover's performance in that debate ('creepy' I think was Matthew Collings' word for it), which is all I know of him, yes, I wouldn't be surprised if this is mere vindictiveness. My review was essentially only of your email's title, which just looked like a rather hasty jumping to conclusions, either gleeful or hysterical or both depending on how you felt at the time, and a warning not to go off half-cocked. It could so easily be a way of walking into various traps, e.g. you get something in a newspaper about it and they respond, 'what nonsense, a misunderstanding blown up by Citizen Joffe self-righteously overreacting as is his way' and get, as I say, a bit of free publicity for themselves. I wouldn't put it past some Machievallan PR company to have planned the whole thing.