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Re: A User's Guide to the Frieze Art Fair

From: Ferdinand de Saussure
Date: 10 Oct 2010
Time: 14:47:02 -0500


When one of the worlds finest writers comments upon contemporary Art in our society, we simply have to look up from our daily grind and pay attention. Although I'm attracted to the idea of Daltonism, I'm not sufficiently confident to assume that when I see Red its their Green or maybe my Green is their Red, maybe neither and I mistrust all opinions in media as subverted by wealthy fools such as the right honourable D.Cameron and his gloating pals from the advertising world. The initial statement "Art, in our society", Could there by any consensus within "our society" about what is good art - let alone what is art?, society is on the run, the powerless are mistrusted as lazy dole bludgers, all politics are embedded in perjoratively institutionalized hatred of humitarianism, all politicians crow about their adversatorial prowess, how clever they are, how hardened they are, how much more they love babies than the next fellow etc. Artists are not exactly considered the Jesus' of Cool that the likes of Gauguin's pyschotic delusions embraced, but then, who is considered useful in this edition of society, is it any wonder that artists feel hellbound to teach us all a lesson? Poor old Dexeter St.Dalwoody loves nothing better than to paint a cosy pic from the life n' times of Andrew Warhola's Book of Wood Boring Insects, the whole objective is a deceit, a broad daylight heist, the bigger the heist the greater the confusion. Consensus is unattainable since the adoption of the classification "cool" or if you will, the transmigration of Art into Fashion. Old fools perpetuate this by trying to keep it up, others attempt to dupe a congregation with their heads inside a box of coloured lights. Ask a question and receive no answer because the "answer" will be Choice. Art was studied by Art Schools now Art School is Art by virtue of the fact that Education was privatized around the same time, its students once excited the death throws earlier this century with something called Frieze which begat the fresh smell of new things, but look - Frieze has been the salvation of the debt drenched as well as the tiresome droids who'll sell anything to anyone. Bad art reflects the times in which we live and is influenced by the power of wealth.