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Follow Me (8th October 2010 - 1st Janvier 2011), Sylvester Engbrox

From: Press Release
Date: 28 Sep 2010
Time: 06:40:09 -0500


After having put his characters in his artwork in danger from 2008 to 2009 (an air crash, fall, imbalance), this time Sylvester Engbrox invites the spectator to take risks by following him into obscure situations. In a society which wants to eradicate doubt, paradoxically uncertainty can remain the last moment of liberty. The individual who finds themselves in this situation is certainly no longer master of their destiny, but momentarily escapes from a certainty which can prove to be alienating. The FOLLOW ME exhibition will show this space-time borderline with approximately twenty paintings, and the ambivalence of the «Follow me» command may be read as either seductive or disturbing. For example, with regards this couple walking in a dense forest and where the young woman holds the man by the hand, is their destination certain? Sylvester Engbrox knows the seduction process very well. Whether as a photographer, musician or painter, he has been confronted by it in every conceivable way. In his eyes, it involves an elaborate and complex technique. He experiments with its mechanisms and is careful of its dangers, for letting yourself be seduced implies self-abandon, at least occasional. The artist knows how to succumb to it himself in an environment where consummation is the main stake. His paintings reflect this state of mind. Here, seduction remains ambiguous and leads to uncertainty, where anything is possible. Born in Kleve (Germany) in 1964, Sylvester Engbrox started music, painting and photography with one of the musicians from Kraftwerk and the Bechers. In Paris in the nineties, he was a correspondent for Select and The Manipulator magazines after studying at the National School of Photography in Arles with Milovanoff, Claass and Gattinoni. From 1992 to 1998, he produced a long series of paintings based on images found in holiday brochures or television programmes. In 2000, he created an independent music label. Since 2005, he has been entirely devoted to painting. He lives and works in Paris. FOLLOW ME Exhibition 8th October 2010 to 1st January 2011at the VivoEquidem Gallery. Preview 7th october from 7.30pm to 10pm Galerie VIVOEQUIDEM 113, rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 Paris M° Duroc Tél. : 09 61 26 92 13 Fax : 01 45 48 98 41 www.vivoequidem.net Lundi au samedi de 14h30 à 19h30 et sur R.V.