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From: CAP
Date: 26 Sep 2010
Time: 00:11:02 -0500


At least the discussion was still about art and not just someoneís career/ the gallery scene. So I donít really see it as spamming or trolling, exactly. And sure, most of it might have been tongue in cheek but as you can see from the reaction to my slagging of Benjamin Bookworm, some thingís matter. If it was all a big joke (even in alluding to him), why take offence? Letís say presenting the issues in a playful, satiric way like this, is also a way of raising them, innocuously. Whatever the tags, however the rhetoric; a short historical perspective is proposed, relations between Conceptual Art and current trends in painting suggested. Is it so amusing to want a perspective on these things? True, we have to wade through a lot of comic verbiage to get to them, but for some artists or art-lovers, these are the only tools available. While not exactly reviewing anything, as invited here, it does seem a good place for more general discussions like this (especially since the demise of LondonPainting blogspot).