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Congratulations to Patricia Cain, Winner of the 2010 Threadneedle Painting Prize

From: Gemma
Date: 20 Sep 2010
Time: 13:14:56 -0500


First of all: 1. Jeremy Paxman is not a TV presenter, but a serious journalist with a number of history books to his name and a first in PE from Oxford 2. Ekow Eshun was forced to leave the ICA because he was ganged up on by a bunch of pig ignorant bureaucrats who were jealous of his media profile 3. David Rayson is a serious artist who has revived the felt tip pen as a serious medium within fine art practice, as well as singlehandedly running one of the most prestigious art schools in South London Patricia CAIN IS A WORHTY WINNER OF THE PRIZE, not least for the hours she spent on her intricate pastel pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that clears things up xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx