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rory stewart the places in between

From: book reviews
Date: 05 Sep 2010
Time: 11:44:46 -0500


This is a well written and complelling book about Stewart's walk across afghanistan. His determination to make the journey on foot although arbitrary lead to interesting results, you feel sorry for all the people who put him up for a night and feed him as part of their cultural, religious duty or out of simple hospitableness. He has the usual upper class british love for the simple people of foreign countries, and the familiar contempt for his own country's poor, as evidenced by his now being a Tory MP. it's easier to admire people you don't really understand and easy to look down on those, without the exceptional privilege of an eton and oxford education, haven't quite managed to write a best selling book and govern afghanistan while learning the clarinet, they, the british plebs still need to rely a little on the distribution of wealth from toff to boffom.