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Gallery Espace presents ' Conscious- Subconscious'.

Date: 14 Aug 2010
Time: 02:13:48 -0500


Welcome to this studio within a gallery. For 7 days, artist Manjunath Kamath will draw on the walls of Gallery Espace, converting it into a temporary studio. Manjunath Kamath will paint and draw on the gallery walls from August 19 till August 26, after which the project will be open for public viewing from August 27 till September 4, at Gallery Espace, 16, Community Centre, New Delhi from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Depending on when you come in, you will see the gallery’s white walls, two levels taken over by Kamath’s drawing. Often, an artist prepares for large drawings by making smaller sketches first, planning the final work in great detail. What most viewers see is the final product. During this show, you will see the initial outcome. Kamath has not prepared rough sketches, or a grid to work from. His plan is to enjoy the wide-open spaces that large white walls afford him. His work unfolds every day into something new. The studio environment reveals the underlying processes of art making. As a visitor, you are encouraged to ask questions, talk to the artist and take your time to make sense of what you see. You can also use the opportunity to learn about Manjunath’s other works. These include dramatic digital humanscapes, or poignant, quirky sculptures, for example, which have been exhibited in important fairs and exhibitions around the world. Everything that you see here is temporary, save your own memory of this show. On the last day of the completed work’s display, the gallery will whitewash its walls, holding up a mirror to its own commercial aspect. Such action replicates the artist’s process in a studio, where a work is frequently painted over, or deleted, unavailable to the market. This process is simulated here, because no matter what amount any buyer offers, it can’t buy him or her any of the work from this show.