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Nathan Penlington: Uri & Me

From: H.P. Sauce
Date: 12 Aug 2010
Time: 18:26:01 -0500


Well, it's probably exactly 10 years since I last went to Camden's pub theatre, The Excetera. I hate Camden. I hate all the crack heads and tourists and I hate all the tiresome fools with rat's tails and pork pie hats trying to sell you over priced slices of unhealthy looking pizza or belts with stupid buckles and union jack t-shirts. Nothing had changed. The only reason I returned was to see the loveable Nathan Penlington on the first night of his new show about the spoon bending celebrity Uri Geller. Nathan is a smart guy and had done his research well. In fact it's hard to think of anyone outside Uri's family that knows as much as Penlington about Geller. He drew our attention to old copies of Woman's Realm, Marvel comics, board games, bios, records and newspapers that mentioned Uri and there were many chuckles. Nathan is good at involving the audience and the highlights of the show tended to be when he interacted with the packed crowd and used his considerable charm to persuade them to assist him in daft experiments. Penlington had also wisely enlisted the talents of film maker Gordon Beswick who had documented Nathan's adventures on a unique mode of transport covered in bent spoons. Beswick's film was a real pleasure to watch. Tomorrow night Mr Geller himself is rumoured to attend the show and I must admit I felt a little sad in not being there to witness his reactions to the rather cheeky digs that Penlington will be dishing out on him. Nathan Penlington is a talented chap. And my advice is, catch this show while you can. Nathanpenlington.com twitter.com/uriandme