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Lord Robert Winston Medical Genius BBC R4

From: Mikhail Bakhtin
Date: 02 Aug 2010
Time: 13:02:58 -0500


Lord Professor Sir Robert Winston, private gynocologist to the younger brides of aging lothario's political royal celebrated - all requiring a prick up the credentials. Big Daddy to the rich now extends his private consultation rooms to the middleclass Radio Four audience, too distracted to reach the off switch as his lordship propounds and ruminates on the most improbable medical garbage ever uttered by a non certified egomaniac. Beethovens ears? Poussain's giant hands? according to his self-obsessed grace these musicians suffered from the symptoms of various deseases that can actually activate the size of a human hand whilst stimulating a creative storm of musical genius in the otherwise febrile mind.Just think what this idiot will have to say about Jimi Hendrix teeth. Enlarged anatomical organs DO spring to mind when that image of lunacy is manifest audibly and visually what an utter burk.