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Alice Neel at The Whitechapel Art Gallery London

From: Neil Kneel
Date: 31 Jul 2010
Time: 09:45:59 -0500


Neel is a painter for our time. Just look at the kids in their high waisted jeans, or cut off denim shorts, big ugly hair with giant oversized geek specs. Neel painted them all already. You wonder if her paintings are any better that a few dozen decent painters of her time, sort of junk shop, sort of good van gogh, sort of cartoony, sort of bad good like so much art now. The show, like a show of snapshots is fascinating just for the richness of how people looked, it only takes a bit of time to enchant portraits. There are flashes of brilliance, usually bright red, and the bits of canvas left unpainted let in air. Yes it is what we want now, not too distant in technique or subject from our own abilities and ambitions.