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A Gnashion in de Nile

From: Sven B.
Date: 30 Jul 2010
Time: 15:42:21 -0500


Kieran Williams anybody?....AAaaah...you say, ah ha, the little fella has made a watercolour painting in the same vein as the precious little fourteen year old that's either sailing around her global positioning technology..oops I mean't The World, the world we live in, see what I did there? I avoided the use of the term Planet cos [z] when we was kids we never had a planet to worry our unsaturated SAT untested brains about we just concentrated on small minded reality sans the Big Society, Michael Gove nightmare masked reasonable blood slurping portion control lunatic. Visiting the finals shows in London to get my taste of these uncertain thymes but whoa, all those lecturer's are suddenly afraid of their supercharged anuities - that or theres been a mass hyptnosis of all British Art Students, bland, bannal but you know the worst crime =mediocre, so much intellectual masturbation, are we twittered to pieces? "as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean, death in life, fear is now replacing reality, fear of upsetting somebody, smothering all with vocabularies, fear of plankton loss, man stopped us at corner he had a bloody nose and then he opened his denim jacket It was under his vest made out of tracing paper Chest scars portrayed Aztec life in his horrible formation. Staring at my reflection in Fiona Banners Tornado Jet Fighter I note the distortions are not that dissimilar to those unreflected constituents who voted for the twin Donkey's, gurning it seems, is back. The cartoonery in Rude Brittania is hardly worth raising a sneer over I find the zeitgiest or rather I cannot fathom the Zeitgeist in this mad brigade. Cameron is saying things about the Gaza that Brown and Millybillyb and just huffed around, shuffled their feet about.....I know countless pundits have told me that the guy just says whatever you want to hear, maybe...but scrapping film funding ain 't what anyone wants to hear, or is it? Do they [?] think we can start making cars and ships - god forbid....Are We Gonna Build Another Concord.com? (used four tons of Avgas fuel just to taxi before take-off) I thought Art was the big seller in Brit Pocked Engerland. Talking of slow processes, don't cha think it kind of strange that all those blood sucking generals that the hapless BBC,Sky and especially ITN shoved microphones at so as they could rip the Labour lot to shreds for not providing fur lined underpants for our boys over in the Cider Bad...shooting everything that Blix told em was not there, they've all shut the freak up, total silence about the quality of our boys landrovers not being able to withstand war conditions...(duuhh but its a war?) no its not its an insurgency. So the Twin Donkey's came to power and the very first thing they must have done was either tell those boys that its a war and when you march a long way in a war yer boots hurt or they welded mild-steel panels onto every piece of munitions going...neat work. Could this totally barking mad polemic disaster be the reason why so called reasonable people with the nounce to get on a plane, prefer buying a kid from Norfolks daubings. Perhaps the massively confusing signals emerging from two horribly bland forty something's is actually their response to the prevailing Zietgeist....