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john moores short list 2010 painting prize

From: richard burton
Date: 21 Jul 2010
Time: 16:42:22 -0500


what a surprise.... gary hume supports ian davenport... how about neale howells as a rank outsider... exhibits with the john martin gallery london... www.artistnealehowells.ds4a.com The exhibition for JM2010 will run from 18 September 2010 - 3 January 2011. List of exhibitors The full list of 2010’s shortlisted artists is: 1. Cornelia Baltes: 'THERE YOU ARE, YOU STUPID COW!' 2. Jon Braley: 'untitled crap' 3. GL Brierley: 'Jilly Jiggy jaffacakes' 4. Deborah Burnstone: 'Freeway mother sucker' 5. Darren Coffield: 'Episodical- does anyone really know what i mean' 6. Keith Coventry: 'Spectrum Jesus, obivously the coat of many colours me finks' 7. Edward Coyle: 'Multiplicity study of idiots' 8. Theo Cuff: 'move over darling untitled' 9. Stuart Cumberland: 'its bigger than that YLLW240' 10. Ian Davenport: 'Poddle Painting: ' 11. Philip Diggle: 'For Your Pleasure marm' 12. Tim Ellis: 'United in Different Guises XXXXIII heaven ' 13. Geraint Evans: 'An Alpine Biodome' 14. Adam Fearon: 'Untitled' 15. Damien Flood: 'Drip drip clipply clot' 16. Nick Fox: 'Metatopia ponce' 17. David Fulford: 'Near the Site of evil piggy's' 18. Mikey Georgeson: 'Untitled (Molecule of Intuition)' 19. Chris Hamer: 'gareth Crook' 20. Andy Harper: 'Frau Troffea eh!' 21. Richard Harrison: 'Mountain Peaks are looking up' 22. Sigrid Holmwood: 'Butchering a Pig' 23. Phil Illingworth: '3D painting No.1 (experiments with colour reflection) if you say so' 24. Lee Johnson: 'The Kerchief or Dr Olfato's Welcome, yeah right' 25. Neal Jones: 'ORANGE PAVING, clever' 26. Joseph Long: 'Hortus Botanicus, if you say so' 27. Elizabeth McDonald: 'Bee Keepers and transexuals' 28. Nicholas Middleton: 'Protest, 1st April 2009 and so on' 29. Michael Miller: 'Suspended Animation, you can do this ur self' 30. Matthew Mounsey: 'Prehistoric Sex Machine in the red corner' 31. Jost Münster: 'to the left to the ' 32. Cara Nahaul: 'Somewhere between prayer and age 33. Narbi Price: 'Untitled See Saw Painting, piss' 34. Steven Proudfoot: 'The conservative party' 35. Sabrina Shah: 'Witness, shamore' 36. Annabelle Shelton: 'Helter Skelter Runway 2009, don't know what i'm doing'. 37. George Sherlock: 'Polycrylic Decades, big word' 38. Michael Simpson: 'Bench Painting Untitled' 39. Henrietta Simson: 'Giotto's Template, angleos foreskin' 40. Veronica Smirnoff: 'Lubo, off to ee the wizard' 41. Ian Peter Smith: 'Matter at the edge, yes ' 42. Daniel Sturgis: 'Still Squallings two' 43. Geraldine Swayne: 'Industrialist on Wheels' 44. Jason Thompson: 'REFRACTIONS (ROBERT HOOKE) one night only you' 45. Christian Ward: 'Frontier Monument, i you don't know me by now't' 46. Neale Howells: ' sticking it up' (yeah) because i can... Back to the top Membership and support Vacancies Register with us Contact us Media centre © 2010 National Museums Liverpool