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Re: Pruthi case

From: chris
Date: 21 Jul 2010
Time: 11:05:11 -0500


Some things discovered while gathering material to make my recent work. I decided to photo shoot on the street in a very direct head-on way. Digital cameras are now kinda bridging the gap to movie camera's - you can use them at high frame rate bursts - 6 -10 fps also you can use high asa ratings and maintain quality. This allows you to shoot on the move to a moving subject at speed. There is only one problem and its what visually ties the camera to painting - the format. You see when you shoot with a rectangle on the move you cant keep the image level, you most often get this - http://www.flickr.com/photos/flicks29/4786218740/ the solution would be to use a completely round sensor and software to correct in both planes. I put this to some camera maker names but was just ignored. I also discovered that if you stay still put the camera to your eye and dont look like a tourist in the middle of London you will get stopped by the police - disturbing.