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Return of Clem: Newspeak, Saatchi Gallery

From: Clem
Date: 20 Jul 2010
Time: 18:58:18 -0500


The most perfect gallery in London, yet filled with twaddle.... Highlights: Hurvin Anderson , especially "Black Street" , Rupert Norfolk, that Rock piece with its hidden faces, he must have sufffered for that! Overall disappointing- Stinky are Ged Quinn, the guy ripping off Rachel Harrison, the woman rippping off David Noonan, Best optical painting- Barry Reigate, almost made up for complete lack of content, sculptures terrible sub- McCarthy, Karla Black, terribly pretentious conflation of Robert Morris and Claes Oldenburg, made you long for Claes Oldenburg . Steven Claydon, obscure , difficult , howsabout clear and simple? Matthew Darbyshire, deeply superficial and no, that is not a virtue, Phoebe Unwin , ow could one object? Compelling: Mario Testino's photographs of Kate Moss. She is without a doubt the worlds most beautiful woman.Stinky: the whole show and the Saatchi franchise. Did you hear that Saatchi is retiring and giving his gallery to the nation? Thats a bit like Ronald McDonald donating all his hot apple pies to Help the Aged.