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The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010 london

From: art reviews
Date: 18 Jul 2010
Time: 09:50:00 -0500


Ceciley Brown, Tal R etc etc try to lighten up the crowd of craps, but end up seeing their work dragged into the mud, and look no better than all the other mediocrity. The thrilled gray generation punters clutch their little books and exclaim over ART, you see it's at the Royal Academy so it must be, like if you go to macdonalds you must be eating cheeseburgers, it's safety in a longtime brand. However, thrillingly bedazzingly ART is not here. It has left, not a glimmer, ok maybe Hump Ocean's works are all right, but the other stuff is just paint or whatver slodged around to make a grim imitation of art (life).