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From: Spooky Electric
Date: 18 Jul 2010
Time: 04:42:14 -0500


A FREE Prince Cd in the Mirror is like a takeaway meal, fast, not very nourishing and leaves a funny aftertaste. Best album in 23 years says the Mirror, I doubt it. Okay it is free and we get to hear is new music??????? or perhaps not. In recent years Prince has been delving in to the vaults digging out riffs, songs, cords and whatever else floats his boat. Take '3121' song from his LP '3121' the bass line is 'Days of Wild' an unreleased track from GOLD 1994-5 era. 20TEN is really only outtakes from his last cd Lotusflower 2009. Perhaps maybe the songs are even earlier. His Graffiti Bridge LP in 1990 some track originate far back as 1981!. Getting back to the 20TEN, what seems a big spring off a diving board turns into a belly flop. Don't believe the hype especially from newspapers in the UK. What made Prince pick The Mirror of all the UK papers is anyone's guess. It must of been the fact it has a reader ship of 2.5 million. I guess that 80% of the readers didn't even listen to the music. A landfill site near you contains thousands of promo copies of 20ten??? Perhaps if he had chosen The Guardian or Daily Mail things may have looked more promising. The new music from this cd hasn't even played live this summer Europe. What does that say? The track 'Hot Summer' a recent none LP track was played live and only lasted a one minute because the crowd wouldn't sing-a-long. The songs on '20TEN' are only a mere copy of '1999' Warners Bros release in 1982. The Linndrum machine which played a big part in his early creations is everywhere on this cd. If you like electronic funk you are in for the ride. At 52 years of age Prince should return to his mature roots of Jazz and Blues guitar based music. I won't mention the tracks because as a whole the cd is is just a promotion tool to sell more concert tickets. Prince should sign back with Warner Bros. re-release your entire back catalogue as a 3cds sets including unreleased material, extended versions, b-sides, demos on each album. Then spend two years away creating a masterpiece 2cd set album full of spine tingling guitar solos, etc. and then retire!