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Re: Your artworld questions answered, The estheticist

From: chris
Date: 16 Jul 2010
Time: 23:28:51 -0500


Some questions I just asked, bit late but been busy any reply, will post - Dear Estheticist 'We see this as an urgent service and platform of communication for emerging artists, curators, arts educators, and art writers.' Why do you see it as urgent and why did it get to be urgent and not attended to earlier ? Do you think that the answer(s) to that question has something to do with a fundamental problem with the art world and its very nature of institutions and curators, if so allude to what that might be ? Also (and related to the above) now that education has a very high price and those graduates of art will either be from a very wealthy upbringing or leave university in great debt do you see only a certain class of people being involved and most others by necessity move on. What would that mean for the art that is made and given value by institutions that you work and have worked for ?