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Your artworld questions answered, The estheticist

From: art news
Date: 08 Jul 2010
Time: 16:34:59 -0500


Dear friends, Please write to The Estheticist! The Estheticist is a correspondence service that provides free guidance and answers questions about the visual arts profession. Questions may relate to professional dilemmas (how can I approach my curator friend to include me into a show without being pushy?), ethical issues in the art world (should I curate myself into a show?), conflict of interest-scenarios (should I curate my boyfriend into a show?), basic skills questions ( how does one enter into the biennial circuit?) practical matters (should I move to Berlin?) or serious theoretical issues (is social practice art nothing but a rehash from the 70s?). The project is part of Smack Mellonís exhibition Condensations of the Social. Write us with your question to estheticist@aol.com. WE WILL RESPOND TO EVERY SINGLE INQUIRY. The answers to all questions will be made available at Smack Mellon on July 17, at 3pm, where we will read a selection of these questions at a live program entitled The Art World Home Companion. You in turn will be publicly acknowledged for your question, except if you prefer to remain anonymous. We see this as an urgent service and platform of communication for emerging artists, curators, arts educators, and art writers. We look forward to your inquiries, and hope to see you at the live event on the 17th! all best Pablo http://pablohelguera.net/2010/06/the-art-world-home-companion-2010/ http://smackmellon.org/index.php/exhibitions/current/