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Re: Newspeak at Saatchi Gallery London England

From: CAP
Date: 30 Jun 2010
Time: 03:38:14 -0500


True Chris, but what does 'make it' mean anyway? Make it with Saatchmo? He's such a hypocrite he won't even collect art if another collector gets to the artist first - like Neo Rauch (Rubells got in there on the ground floor) so Charlie ignores him - to the cost of his taste and collection(s). There are lots of other examples. You can say it doesn't really matter, and that the Feudal few write the rules, but at a certain point they can't and don't. That takes experts or academics - a whole set of institutions. The Feudal lords can try and buy those institutions, as least temporarily, but as an investment it becomes unsustainable. They want the glory of patronising culture, but the more they own of it, the less it becomes a common or shared culture - it turns to waste in their hands. And out of the corner of their eye they can always see that someone is making something for someone else that is treasured for its meaning and beauty... They can't have that too, without making the rest of their collection look like garbage, so there's just a kind of stand-off, or a massive rift in who values what and for how much. There is always something they didn't make, someone they can't make. There's a history and there's a future and they can only be owned for a moment. In 10 years people will only remember Hirst as a Koons wannabe. Did Hirst make it? Not for very long. Enjoy your trillions Damien, art 'made' you, but that's not the same thing as 'making' art.