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Re: Newspeak at Saatchi Gallery London England

From: chris
Date: 26 Jun 2010
Time: 01:34:32 -0500


Its a pity that people arnt switched on enough to realise that the Prince Charles issue of intervention and feudal influence on creativity is just another example of what happens in the art world in general . You have to be an artist to fully realise how crushing it is. Mat Collishaw was on The Review Show the other week. His contribution to Sataachi's choice of UK artists was: 'I liked 30%'. Then asked by Kirsty Wark if there was anything new - he clammed and up shut. Now I think it highly unlikely that he didnt make a judgment viewing the work - his an artist, but to express a view publically would also be to judge Saatchi - this is the feudal art world in operation and is one of the reasons it needs to change. Remember Saatchi tell people no to bother to try to become an artist because your very highly unlikely to 'make it.' Guess what Charles thats because you cant conceive of a different 'operating system' other than the feudal hierarchy art world. So we have announcements on 'austerity' measures - much talk on benefits, public sector workers and pensions but what about the very reasons for all of this - big banks and hedge funds behaviour with the use of financial derivatives ? Well a commission has be instigated on the matter in other words kicking it up the road when the specific problem is known. Let me inform you - this is a massive mistake just as it was a massive mistake to bail out the banks. Kicking it up the road will more likely mean its too late - there will be a tipping point just as there is a specific that water boils and freezes. The problem for the 'person in the street' is about to get much worse, what we have is nothing short of wholesale thievery of the mass working and middle class by the super rich - banks and hedge funds. http://www.flickr.com/photos/50515484@N05/4732994200/