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Jonathan Wateridge at Tramshed London

From: art art art reviews
Date: 14 Jun 2010
Time: 05:51:45 -0500


http://www.allvisualarts.org/artists/jonathan-wateridge/categories/AnotherPlace4thJune3rdJuly2010.aspx Surprising and enjoyable. Very big paintings in the style of manet, history paintings. The light is low in the tramshed, the paint has lots of gloss. He is good at what he does, there is some bumpf of the wall about blah blah constructs of postmodern etc, really this guy seems to like painting figures with Sergeantish highlights and flicks, and he does it very well. Occasionally you wish he didn't do so many shiny eyes, but the overall effect is impressive and lookable. Perhaps his next series he should paint some real people, imagine his documenting the slums of England or whatvever, then style and content would sing. Robert Altman doesn't need to be committed to paint, but at least Wateridge is very good at painting the way he wants.