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Re: what have i done: Dan Coombs, Tim Stoner, and Neil Tate at th...

From: MCee
Date: 12 Jun 2010
Time: 05:34:05 -0500


This is a truly enjoyable exhibition and two of these painters are very good. I understand what you mean by suggesting a need for one of these artists to say something directly. What I liked about this show was that I thought Stoner and Tait were really trying to engage in those quotations. The work that they produced was refreshing for the fact that it seemed to be made through a love of specific points in art history rather than a careful mix and match of whatever was currently fashionable. Interesting what you said about putting the work with the stuff upstairs, I'd like to see a Tait/ Cezanne/ Degas and a Stoner/Manet/Picabia show. Judging by the evidence on show at the FAS I think they'd hold up nicely.