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Re: how to be a successful contemporary artist part ten

From: Justyn Nuther-Personn
Date: 10 Jun 2010
Time: 05:06:24 -0500


Rubbish and Arse licking aside, spare a thought for the opportunist who raises his hand rather than putting it in the fire again, sure the Grayson Larry's of this knockabout infodrama docu-got-talent world seem to be courted by the Neil McGregors one hundred objects from the history of toffs radio four and online programmes, they are chosen ostensibly because the one is seen as more accessable to the public, less threatening, less academic more User Friendly. And Yet, how far we've come, Niel McGregor seems so approachable with his carefully chosen objects that educate "da kids" bout royalty n'stuff, why - theres even some reedy sounding music in the style of Guru Josh or is it ancient Irish Pipes?, you see how Guru Josh is being used as a didactic tool by the Beeb to familiarize the great unwashed with proper history (n'stuff). Larry has chosen some excellent references to make himself sound "brainy" and then he cleverly compares this ancient historical item to a Toby Jug , like the onanistic Gormley in his usual overbearing egomania at "The Politics of Memory" at the Imperial War Museum, when he responds to the heartfelt insightful revalations of an artist who definately wasn't trying to be a "Successful Contemporary Artist" in the sense that Gormley is (Miroslaw Nizio) Gormley responded to this output by saying that no one in their right minds does such things for the love of it, the crowd responded accordingly.Gormley did'nt get it....Am I worth it?