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Re: grayson perry on the culture show

From: Mike Hunt
Date: 07 Jun 2010
Time: 14:01:52 -0500


Like the end of a fabulous walk through beautiful scenery with good friends and lively conversation, one finds Dog Poo on ones heel, how disappointing to have to scrape off the evil stinking pooch-poop, worse still - to smell it after entering the welcoming household or the shelter of a car - but in the case Of Greystone Perry or mathilda or whatever he insists he's always been, and his irritating Essex nasal whine, the stink of shit has awoken us up with a start at about 3.30 am and its in the sodding bed!!! None of us can do anything about this sort of blatant prostitution except look away in embarrassment especially when it parades itself down old compton street with delighted wifey in tow, you must realize just how many hundreds of hours and emails and phonecalls it takes to be available for programmes like The Culture Show, sure you have to appeal to the Dixons etc but it usually takes a lot more work to get the sort of exposure required by someone that crass, no wonder then that no matter which "craft" or "applied artform" mr kiss'n tell has - not only had a go at it, he's been doing it for years. ... Exhibition about Quilts, Maps you name it, Its been there and its got an "opinion". In between getting opinions and being interviewed theres sod all time for art ideas of ones own other than trawling art schools and harvesting rich rewards from low growing fruit trees.