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Re: yinka shonibare nelsons ship in a bottle

From: K. Issme-Arty
Date: 30 May 2010
Time: 11:48:17 -0500


Its a beautiful piece of art and for the sake of argument, posterity or classification maybe its reified (post-colonial ) artwork, yes - so you should get up off your knees and walk upstairs and look from the NG Portico, you owe that much to your mean spirit and what a relief, a beautifully executed, thought provoking, theatrical statement that some how made it to the plinth without the Phillip Pullman of the Artworld Anthony Gormley and his fartner in crime "Bones" Serrota to reduce it all to convenience store consumerism. I can't be expected to open my own eyelids, what ? and stand on my own legs?, well I'm certainly not going to think about it. Try riding on the right bus.