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Parrot harmonica.

From: Pete.
Date: 29 May 2010
Time: 09:09:29 -0500


Totally unresponsive, distateful graphics on upper metal bit, uncomfortable to put in ones mouth, ultimately not a good harmonica. I have come across many harmonicas in my time as a harmonicist, and I have to say that the Parrot Harmonica is the worst. I am now off to play my good harmonica, which I hope will ease the deep anger I feel towards the Parrot Harmonica. I want to stand on it. In fact, I will. THERE, I DID IT. It now is all bent and weird. Parrot Harmonica inc., hang your heads in shame. Yours sincerely, Pete A. Peterson, Chief Harmonicist in the Her Majesty's Royal Harmonica and Sitar Orchestra.