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From: Jakkals
Date: 28 May 2010
Time: 07:56:01 -0500


On your marks, get set,.... eat! PizzaEast is overcrowded, overpriced, overall surprising in only one, possibly unique, way: you are told when you sit down that you have to be out within an hour! Seems like you get a short let of a table. We've all occasionally had impatient waitrons obviously hoping we'd leave when we lingered too long after finishing a meal but to be told on sitting down (on less than comfortable wood platforms bolted to refectory tables) that you'd be asked to leave in 60 minutes was a new one for all of us. Friends had got there ahead of us, ordered wine, and when we arrived about 10 minutes later the head honcho berated them for not yet having ordered. We left. An innovative way to ensure customers won't come back? Certainly a new layer of meaning for the term "fast food"!