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From: Kneel Gaymen
Date: 08 May 2010
Time: 11:55:46 -0500


Unlike Howard, Dave is almost entirely P.R.Driven. By comparison Howard and many other older politicians, although similar to Dave outwardly, are not quite as immersed in the cyber dimension and this is why he is particularly dangerous. Even some of the more tragic elements in this mans life will have been processed completely differently to Brown, almost digitally, he can quite easily announce that he and Clegg hold similar views - values - etc because in his world they do. Cameroon speaks down to the electorate about "Rolling up their Sleeves", the electorate appear to buy into this artificial idea because they assume it will not be their sleeves being rolled up, it will not be them working in this unclear vision of a re-opened factory, it will be others, younger, less intelligent, poverty ravaged, immigrant underclass. Compared recently to 3PC0 Cameroon uses his air of privilege without the fear of being called a bully, Brown on the other hand, brushes past the tea-lady and cannot effectively defend his actions, he becomes a bully because the same dimension that provides Cameroon with his life-blood, oxygen etc drowns and exterminates Brown. At this time the election is hung and the weekend allows a heightening of this suspended moment. Clegg has been likened to a sulking schoolboy who shot his mouth off when he thought he was being loved, that love however - did not transpire. So now we witness a political right wing party looking towards a softly liberal Socialist Party in order to validate it's unpopularity. The moral compass of both parties his pretty much been discarded and you could say likewise for New Labour circa 2002. If Clegg accepts 3CP0's advances he will simultaniously announce his lack of political moral whilst 3CP0 will remain unsullied in his mercurial justification, his slime generating glands and his unrolled up sleeves. It is noticed that at such times British politics get compared to Greece, to France and often to Scandinavian countries but these countries do not labor beneath a burden of a Monarchy of quite such proportions as ours and it is to this expensive and archaic feudal system that so invisably invades our every being, particularly in the spheres of property, rents and tax including laws about these societal factors that enable the Cameroon Robot to seem at home in his role as a baronet going among the people with his little rubber face full of arguments about a quirky dream, a retrospective wanting, an absent utopian otherworld. It should be added that Kurt Vonnegut thought Science Fiction and Pornography held visions of an Impossibly Hospitable World. John Lennon said about Nicholas Clegg "How do you sleep?"