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Re: BISONICS Play For Today on Smoking Ant Records

From: Shaun Brewer
Date: 04 May 2010
Time: 12:25:37 -0500


I've heard 7 or 8 of these songs on their FB group page and what I thought was "I wish Flaming Lips had this amount of ideas". I thought of Wayne & Co because the Bisonics "We Hate Blues" song had a very similar production style - e.g. everything full up to distort. However, "Embryonic" (the Flips' last album) has not got one single memorable lyric and despite how many plays not a solitary melodic hook. I feel cheated by Flaming Lips. They've been my guiding star for a decade now, since "The Soft Bulletin", but since then they've truly badly deeply declined, and that's tapped a well of emotions and questions in me. 1. Am I wrong to invest so much faith (and time) (and money) in a pop group? 2. Why should I feel betrayed when a record by my heroes disappoints me? 3. Then again - is the record actually good and it's me that is at fault? (My tastes maybe not developing the same direction as Flips, or not growing at all since "At War With The Mystics" - another record I didn't like, but not so much as "Embryonic".) Bisonics won't take the place of Wayne Coyne's space cadets for me but it was oddly refreshing hearing them with no magazine baggage accompanying them. Although there are photos of them, they are not tagged or identified. I know nothing of their dietary habits, voting intentions, intellects (a friend of a friend of a friend said one of them went to art college but I thought that's where all musicians go, isn't it?). Most bands you catch on myspace or youtube can be pretty swiftly determined as being in it for the money or "genuine" (whatever you define that as now). If they were artists, I'd imagine Bisonics being in with the Stuckists rather than arse-licking with the ghastly tories of BritArt middle-aged contemptibles. As for my beloved Flippies I think they've done a Dennis Hopper on me and flipped from being counter-cultural to neo-con. I suppose the reassuring thing about the Bisonics is they'll probably only last for one album and then disappear, conveniently for the NME of 2025 to hail them as the true godlike geniuses because by then, hopefully, they'll be dead and won't be around to spoil the illusion.