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Re: Goldsmiths, But is it Art? ep.2, BBC4

From: MCM
Date: 29 Apr 2010
Time: 16:58:21 -0500


Well I guess. Wasn't it was you who called the other guy a dick? I saw that Melissa working in a café in town the other day. She looked very glum. I couldn't help wondering if she's taken stick for being on that show. And if she's had a bad time, it must be far worse for the people who came across badly. to be honest, I'm sorry I singled out any students at all. It's a bit like punishing grunts for abuses at Abu Ghraib or something, only even less justified. My issue isn't with students being young and saying dumb things like young people do, it's with art being at an impasse and colleges seeming to be too witless to address it. When the financial crisis hit, I remember someone hoping that it might produce a change in the type of art we see. Yeah right. There's no intelligence in art now because there's no intelligence in the education of artists. It's as dumb as this: everybody knows it's not about 'skill' anymore (was it ever really?), but the minimal and conceptual moments are over too – the latter rather predictably since it was only supposed to be ephemeral anyway. Now all anyone seems to know is that it's not really about either skill or concepts – except that people keep making work that depends on one of or both these things, just really maladroitly because they've had no guidance at all about how to do well with either. People come out of art school barely educated in anything.