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Re: BISONICS Play For Today on Smoking Ant Records

From: minor tom
Date: 28 Apr 2010
Time: 19:38:13 -0500


well i dont know about the chris morris thing so i wont go into that. no what i wanted to say was ive been voting on the storm the charts facebook thing and bisonics came up and i remembered the name from here so i played the song and it was what happened and even though im more rufus wainwright patrick wolf mgmt and marc almond of course that song really tore me up. on the surface its about a gay manager priming his protege for fame and then being rejected but underneath theres this whole subtext of manipulation emotional uncontrollable forces and the aspect of money and how it goads then corrodes. what happened has this very soft singer with a warm croon sort of scott walker but very english giving you his side of the story - how hes sacrificed everything for his little star - and then it ends with the star sounding wrecked like marianne faithfull saying i didn't want this anyway. if you love musicals and high camp youll definitely like this but this is kind of butch camp because they have all those rock guitars when it should be norrie paramour or angela morley orchestrations. david bowie and sinead oconnor could do a great het cover. no it really touched me because ive just gone through a similar situation just giving giving giving and then having it all thrown back in my face. so yeah gone on a bit but thanks bisonics for giving me something to cry about in a good way. tom