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Microsoft Planet

From: The Bogotan General and Mary
Date: 28 Apr 2010
Time: 01:54:13 -0500


Okay, I'll tell you something that REALLY gets me down - after years of trying to make my younger brother understand the difference between proper hardware and software tools which have flexibility, longevity and above all put great power in the hands of the professional developer and on the other hand software which is generic shit written to be mass produced and integrated by corporate braindead gimps into mechanized work schedules which lack any intelligence, flair and soul. After all the times his microsoft powered shitiverse has had the ground pulled from under it, after all the times my servers have outperformed his servers in every way, from technical proficiency to effectiveness of the sales process, he still lives with his stagnated bigoted view that if the corporations all do it it MUST be the better and more profitable and more technologically sound answer. I know, wwr is on a ms server (a software error just revealed that to me - that's all the more proof of my point). Anyway, after so many years of seeing so much obvious evidence that the best place to locate a very advanced web service is a linux server and realising that my little bro never paid attention to a single lesson there for him to learn, I feel rather sad - it's not just him. My best friends, my big brother, so many people I know, some (but not all) of the women I intend to convince to marry me (don't worry, I'll stick to the one, but I need to spread my bet here... they have opinions of their own, quite rightly, and that could include being in lov with someone else) - all of them really seem 100% devoted to having their lives run by corporations. They think it takes care of them, they feel their boxes are ticked, their black and white views are cast in iron and their respectability is what they want it to be - but so what if a bunch of bureaucrats tell you you are a good cv. Be a person, not a cv. Anyway, my little bro has several vast projects using my mum's millions (taken in a divorce settlement, not earned through some lifelong ability to make money, in case there is any illusion) and I was for ages depending on that future to get me through, but now I have, notably housed in the linux world, one powerful profit machine and the backing and workforce to make another one, even more profitable. And I guess though I love my family and would rather help them succeed, I cannot possibly help a man save a sinking ship when he insists that having holes at the bottom of the boat is what all the big companies have, so we should be the same! After this much time it really feels painful to know that the lad can't see the fat from the thin. Downtime levels no his ms hosted shit have reached 20% of time during the last month!!! That's amazingly shit. My linux server has not had ONE MINUTE of downtime since 1999. The tracking systems on his hosting have been bollocks, we haven't been able to see what any of the customers were doing. The overall disorganisation and shitness of it all has caused about 400 quid to be thrown down the drain, of ad budget, not to mention 1000s of pounds they spent on development, hiring microsoft goon tossers, instead of letting me do it on linux machines for free or even for say 200 quid, which is about 5 to 10% of what they paid fuckheads to do this work which then failed! Anyway, I am okay about forgiving and forgeting, when it comes to relatives and friends. But the corporations better watch out. Linux specialists end up with profound hacking skills, and I have them now. Sooner or later I will FUCK them like my name is Sosa.