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Re: Ten years of tate moderns

From: chris
Date: 26 Apr 2010
Time: 23:54:14 -0500


If you google Affinity fraud you will find in the classic sense it is relatd to a ponzi scheme http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme For me It has to do with who has the power to give value, confidence and therefore make and maintain a market - dealers hang onto the every move of important curators. I question the validity of that in the art world - that money has bleached out the validity of the art - the value. The hierarchy has also bleached out the idea of being objective of judgment - all is subjective in the art world. The power to give value has become corrupted by these two - money (delusion of value) and subjectivity. One step to correcting it would be financial regulation. How that is conceived and formulated I don't know but attention has to placed on the relationship with the curator; artist; dealers and those who buy art - collectors; museums; investment banks; financial institutions etc. Its no longer valid to see important curators as those who can give value to art only. The financial aspect has to be factored in and therefore a structure of regulation is needed. In fact the question of what is value for artists is a no brainer we make art - paint; sculpt; draw; take photos; make music. We judge what we do; work on it; change it get obsessive about what we have done - get intense about it, repeat, leave it alone, go back to it so for us that's value and we leave it behind in the form of a painting photo or music. For everyone else, well they are truly lost souls - just look at the financial world working out all kind of crazy ways to rip each other off with derivatives - they think that is value ? Central banks print money and do quantitative easing - they think that is value ? These people are truly morally lost.