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Re: Ten years of tate moderns

From: chris
Date: 26 Apr 2010
Time: 04:01:56 -0500


"but no one knows what it's for either." "or radical questioning" "the whole thing runs on commodity fetishism." Would like to see people put forward idea's to begin to change this. For me the whole tie-in with finance and banks means the art world first needs to be recognised as an investment scheme. This at the moment bleaches out all else. That needs to be regulated - financial regulators need to recongnise this first, amazingly so far they dont - and if they do they will probably only see it as a form of taxation. At the moment the art world is the most effective form of affinity fraud. When/if you guys get serious expect to get trashed by them - those who perpetrate the affinity fraud (powerful people in the art world) . At the moment they see you as a joke. But don't worry they wont escape the spector of hyperinflation. To understand why hyperinflation is a very real possibility you need to look at quantitative easing, the precious metal market, sovereign debt in all major currencies, uncontrollable banks and hedge funds using derivatives and the more respected analysts talking about this in the finance world.