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Re: Goldsmiths, But is it Art? ep.2, BBC4

From: one of the art world
Date: 22 Apr 2010
Time: 10:40:56 -0500


I watched both these " shows " and felt absolutely nothing for any of the participants, but I liked the sad background music and sort of liked the Spinal Tap atmosphere. The student who ripped off other artists' work was just sad and deluded. I suppose years ago she would of represented the archetypal naive art student who thought that she was being provocative and radical when all she was doing was being desperate and irrelevant. In the end I loved that her eagerness to be on the telly and her insecure obsession with money beautifully exposed her for the classic chancer she is. However, to know that her degree show was the ritualistic vandalization of another artist's artwork which was then awarded a prize by Goldsmiths seems to me to reflect most badly on her college. All these artists were utterly devoid of any humanity or humour. The only revelation this depressing documentary showed us was how irrelevant and cynical Goldsmiths has become.