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Re: The uk election

From: Sven B.
Date: 21 Apr 2010
Time: 15:08:54 -0500


Yes... but only in a very marginalized way, Cleggo as the the British Obama!...puleeez, only a pouting giant schoolboy would allow such comparisons to be publicly leveled. On a brighter note all the hapless so called leaders are bitching on about each others ineptitude to the extent where, we proles and deluded will realize that together we know far more about everything than they do! which must be the only reason that all the parties refuse to mention the war...don't mention the war because; nobody knows why, except Dan Snow who learned all about wars from his dad the Swingometered Snow and sent a fleet of superannuated inheritance proposals in order to secure his birthright with the BBC. The contemporary Electioneering seems slightly more interesting because of the increase in pressure, the time scale and the propensity for one of them to tread in their own poo but theres as much failure from our keepers of the media who seem hell bent on restricting the debate to the gruesome threesome, begging the question or stimulating the suspicion that THEY preferred the two horse race after all, that they begrudgingly HAD to acknowledge Cleggoland's existence simply because he stood there at the behest of Bullington & McGonnecall in a reversal of morality, the schoolkids from Pink Floyds illustrated Gerald Scarfe Fantasy all point at Sir and blame Sir for everything, Lord of the Flies meets Animal Farm, "Oh Sir, you've done nothing but argue - and Sir, I hate Mondays!" All the other voices are stifled or considered to be single issue nutters, (Many are; Griffin, UKIP, etc) meanwhile Royalty tip-toe around like the place has gone republican, inspecting his organic cheeses, tutting at his four storey Anis Kapoor inspired Tatlin Towers but oh so quiet about PLAID CYMRU or MABYON KERNOW even if his fiefdom of those two principalities pay a handsome income towards supporting his cheese sniffing ways. In the further recesses of my most denied emotions on political matters, I think Labour witnessed a sea-change in the art world, wether they just fooled me into thinking that they had orchestrated matters after the God Awfullness of the Major Years, or indeed coincided with a coming of age for British Art I'm at a loss to make an objective account. In so many ways Art has displaced the political content in our lives, even the completely banal crap dished out by the likes of Emin (vote tory or I'll leave = just leave) or Greystoke Perry's tiresome opportunism (thats quite Lib Dem dontayathink?), I won't even mention Michael Cain....It's getting harder for one epoch to move into another in this image obsessed knowledge bank, all with perfect skin and keyhole surgery as well as judicious montaging edited highlights and soundbitten into inanity, one only has to see the Goldsmiths - Is It Art? docutainment to witness the absence of the creative spirit in an institution that became The Salon by repute, it's just gone, irrelevant leaving the sort of shallow tumbleweed manifest in the Gormley's ever growing appetite for his self image towering over the "communities" of "little people" shuffling through the Tate, sending their kids to College to become great artists, one in five of us, looking for a job, volunteering to pose on the plinth. perhaps like the demise of Blair who was once considered to be so positively established and omnipotent, shall we see the Gormley Megaonanist's fade in their relevance?, perhaps there is something looming beneath the anguish in the volcanic dust blowing in from the biggest borrowing heist that ever almost collapsed, some would argue ACTUALLY collapsed capitalism. There is something a bit un-stylish about the Lib Dems, alternatively as much was said about Nazi Uniforms in thirties Germany, I cannot find a reasonable equation between a rubbery faced member of the Bullington Club, Andrew Rawnsleys vicious depiction of G.Browns Benny Hill on Nasty or Cleggolands chummy blame game. Suffice to say that a shameful few deemed to confuse Cleggo with the racist nutter Griffin which at least gives some indication why restricting the whole shambles to a two horse showdown could be benificial.