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Re: BISONICS Play For Today on Smoking Ant Records

From: Mark Wilson
Date: 21 Apr 2010
Time: 02:37:23 -0500


I haven't got this record but I found their facebook page and heard the half dozen songs. Your reviewer is right in his/her pinning it to a 1979 sensibility, but I don't understand H.P.Sauce's dismissal of the song Next door neighbours ("quickly outstaying its welcome" - don't all next door neighbours do that?). It has, for me, a visual power and witty magpie quality. The bass riff is a monged-out replay of The Jam's In the city (later re-interpreted - ahem! - by the Sex Pistols for Holiday in the sun) and the kick drum bam-bam-bamming and busy hi-hat conjured the feeling of commuter trains ja-junging into Waterloo. Extremely effective, I thought. I was going to write something about the (unidentified) singer and his preference for talking rather than actually trying to sing but, after enduring half-hour of screaming, hollering, whimpering and ululating on the Jools Holland show last night, perhaps I should be grateful for the bisonics restraint.