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Re: An open letter to Matthew Slotover, director of the friez...

From: chris
Date: 18 Apr 2010
Time: 08:05:03 -0500


The thing about the banking system is that even with regulation and the accusations of fraud that are going to come, basically Goldman Sachs owns the US Government. The only way is new banks and banking - a credible alternative. I think the same about the art world. The artists have to do it themselves and you have made a start. Like many who are caught up in a ponzi scheme, affinity fraud takes hold and is very powerful - FEAR reigns - you have to start to believe you can do it yourself . Why do you need reps, agents, dealers, gallerists ? you only need decent curators and your own talent. And those curators who have power and are associated with banks and financial institutions who now are incentivised by destruction via derivatives; start asking yourself some serious moral questions. And to the artists - stop chasing after the thing that treats you with contempt and exploits you.