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Is Photography Over

From: chris
Date: 12 Apr 2010
Time: 03:25:40 -0500


http://www.sfmoma.org/pages/research_projects_photography_over Well after reading some of the text there and thinking yes Ive head that before - complicating an easy obviousness about photography, the same names, blames and associations. But does anyone talk about the problems that photographers have in this tight hierarchy. Where is the incentive when you now have to pay a fee to submit work to be considered for a bursary to attend a pay review event. All the time by doing it knowing that your being exploited and that your probably going to have to continue to do it for as long as you want to get any where in that world? I recall showing my work to an 'important' magazine editor in the early 80's who complained bitterly about his mortgage and photography not being financially supported - no one buying the magazine. I suggested asking photographers to pay to submit work for review. He threw me out alluding to corruption and integrity.