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Correction: Tate Modern is GREAT

From: Nned Thisom
Date: 09 Apr 2010
Time: 14:04:35 -0500


What the hell is wrong with your brain? Have you never been a tourist, or wanted to use photography as a tool to remember a specific thing or occasion? The Tate gallery is home to some of the greatest contemporary art in the world. And it's free to see. What is all this talk of 'signs telling us non existent meanings so the art doesnt bear any strain of function'? Since when was art supposed to have a function. Art has been up it's own ass for at least the last 100 years (Where have you been, in a cave?). Contemporary art is self reflexive, that is it's function. And how could you consider the Tate 'much worse' than an art fair? In what way? In the way that it's only really interested in the opinions of the very rich? In the way that it presents only art which is for sale? or in the way that it is free to show huge installations? In the way it offers independent artists opportunities that the commercial gallery system won't? The Tate's aim is primarily to educate it's audience and expand that audience as far and wide as it can into society. How can this be a bad thing? We all know that the gallery itself is often over crowded and that every viewer is not as well educated in the arts and culture as you obviously are but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be allowed in. Does it?