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Dosh for more important things like art materials

From: chris
Date: 07 Apr 2010
Time: 11:05:09 -0500


'GAME OVER for London' But no not the art market so calm down. "The outflow of physical metal from bank vaults is happening at a mind bending pace." 'Last August 2009, a busload of former key employees from the USDept Treasury and Wall Street firms arrived in Brussels Belgium. They turned themselves in to legal authorities in an attempt to avoid eventual prosecution' Another little problem that you probably wont read about until it goes critical. Not quite sure about the believability of the last one, still rather interesting if true. Ref : http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article16987.html A little tip - watch the gold price the day after the general election and for the weeks after. Since just before Christmas its been tight trading around $1100 - $1120 Its likely there will be a run on the pound which means gold will go higher and you can make some dosh for more important things like art materials. But take your gold in person and make sure you can see the scales don't do that stupid in the post stuff. If you want to go long on gold - this, at the moment is a great bet for the reasons in my other post. However if the powers that be break up banks and stop the crazy derivatives gold probably wont hit the highs some analysts think - $3000 plus it will be around $1500 7th April today - gold is breaking out - http://www.goldprice.org/gold-price.html