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Re: Art fairs are about money not art: debate at saatchi gall...

From: Money Giddy
Date: 05 Apr 2010
Time: 04:41:12 -0500


Yes of course. And the worry is about the affect of art on the next generation. If certain artists sell well, they show more, that means the influence of their work on the students of today will be greater than the artist who makes interesting work and that nobody sees. I can also see a problem regarding the idea of success, the burgeoning art market which might be making more people want to become artists, seeing it as a career choice rather than a lifestyle choice. The point I wanted to make was that it was down to the artists to make the change. Most of us as Jasper said, have crappy part time jobs to pay to support themselves. That works out fine for me because feel as though I would be doing it regardless of my financial situation. I think the problem lies with, like the student in the talk brought up, the concern of the role of the artist. In the past most art made had been commissioned by churches and kings. The power may have shifted to the wealthy but the situation has not changed much. If the artist desires a living from art, surely they should make the art the person wants. What other facet of the business world allows the person being employed to just do what they want? The choice is with the artist, do what they want, or do what the market wants. The lucky(?) few will be able to do what they want and get paid for it. If all artists do what they want the market might change.