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Re: Art fairs are about money not art: debate at saatchi gall...

From: G Benson
Date: 05 Apr 2010
Time: 04:41:06 -0500


In a way it hard to imagine any other way , but then that is surely the problem . Now as a customer of the art fair i do get to look at shit load of art mostly hung badly, but i do get to see a lot of different stuff. But then I'm in no financial situation to buy any of it. The free art fair at its heart is a great idea but its fails because it a parody of the freeze offering kudos instead of cash for the artists and cash for those lucky few customers . But i do get a chance to own something if I'm prepared to put the endurance in ? At the end of the day it boils down to seeing to much art , it's not money but quantity that ruins the experience. It's not the problem of galleries to sort it out there just going to carry on doing what they do , which is to sell work. and let the public see a free exhibition in there shop space. It's the artist that needs to control what there output is , and what they do with it?